Editorial Review Process

  1. Pewsitter.com accepts previously published information worthy of greater exposure, as well as original newsworthy items that have not yet been published.
  2. All news items submitted must be verified before Pewsitter.com will publish them. To assist us in verifying the information you submit, you must provide all of the requested information, including accurate contact information. Failure to do so will result in the rejection of your news item.
  3. Pewsitter.com makes no guarantees regarding the publication of information it receives. The publication of information shall be solely at the judgment and discretion of Pewsitter.com
  4. Consistent with its mission Pewsitter.com will not publish articles that are intended to question, dispute or contradict the teachings of the Church.
  5. Pewsitter.com follows a two tiered review process for all news articles submitted.
    The first tier consists of a review of all articles by our editor-in-chief. If an article is deemed to be newsworthy, the facts of the article will be verified by a Pewsitter staff member. Based upon this verification, Pewsitter may choose to publish, not publish, or edit the article. If the article is edited, Pewsitter will send the edited article back to the original author for final review before publishing.
    A second tier review may also be conducted, as deemed appropriate, if ordered by the editor-in-chief. The review will consist of second, independent evaluation of the article and facts.
  6. Pewsitter attempts to report information as accurately as possible. If errors appear in a Pewsitter article, we correct the mistakes promptly. We publish not only the errors but aslo the relevant accurate facts in the Corrections.