April 21, 2009

Georgetown To Honor Pro-Abort Catholic and Vice President Joe Biden

By James Todd

Georgetown is honoring Vice President Biden tomorrow. Biden is a Catholic that supports abortion rights.
Washington DC - April 21, 2009 - Georgetown is honoring Vice President Joe Biden tomorrow at a Symposium Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Biden will receive the Legal Momentum Hero Award.

Geoergetown’s decision to honor Biden, on the heels its acquiescence to the White House’s request to cover the IHS symbol at Gaston Hall last week when President Obama spoke, combined with the current imbroligio over President Obama’s scheduled commencement speech and honorary degree at Notre Dame, is certain to cause more outrage among Catholics.

Biden’s honor tomorrow is problematic on several fronts. It violates the USCCB document "Catholics in Political Life" from 2004. This document directs Catholic schools not to honor pro-abortion politicians. Moreover, unlike the situation at Notre Dame with President Obama where some have argued that the USSCB statement doesn’t apply because Obama isn’t Catholic – Biden clearly is. Lastly, the award tomorrow commemorating the Violence Against Women Act represents a patent hypocrisy: Abortion is a violence against women, but Georgetown has decided to honor the Vice President who is pro-abortion and therefore by definition, supports this violence against both women and their unborn children.

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