Do Pro-Abortion Politicians Take God Seriously

April 20, 2008

Do Pro-Abortion Politicians Take God Seriously

By Nancy Reyes

April 20, 2008 - When one reads that pro abortion politicians have plainly decided to receive communion from the Pope in a public forum, one wonders if these politicians take God seriously at all.

For Catholics, going to mass isn't a "feel good" exercise but a way for us to worship God, and to receive him in our hearts.

The sacrament of communion isn't just a symbol: it means "We believe that the Word became flesh, and that we receive his flesh in the Lord's supper. ..with him we form a unity which is in God...from the Lord's own words: This world will see me no longer, but you shall see me..." (St Hilary, On the Trinity)

The Eucharistic celebration is not a way to celebrate ourselves as the people of God as much as a way for us to worship God as both individuals and united as a large family who care for one another. There is a communal aspect to the mass, which was lost and reemphasized after VaticanII, but too often "reformers" went too far the other way, losing site of the redemptive side of the mass.

So now we see Catholic politicians who insist they will receive communion despite their support of abortion.

For John Serrano, attending the mass means "celebrating who we are as Catholics".

For John Kerry, it means to reflect on the ways we can contribute to the common good, address global issues of poverty, disease and despair.

Ah, but what it does "the common good" mean?

Because Kerry supports a socialist government that supplies all material needs for people, this means he is doing God's work?

Similarly, a prolife Robert Casey Jr., who ran as a pro life Democrat, defend his support of Senator Obama because of Iraq, national health care, and economic positions, explaining that abortion may not even come up during the next presidency.

This, of course, ignores that Obama will appoint judges to the Supreme Court, and that in the past, activist judges have changed many laws, including abortion laws, that were based on the religious beliefs of much of the public.

Nancy Pelosi resents the church insisting that politicians who are Catholic try to act on their belief that the child in the womb should be protected. She sees a church instead as being too bossy. The church has to realize that if politicians don't support abortion, they won't be elected to do all those other good things for people.

If this is so, then why did the Democrats go out of their way to seek abortion opponents such as Senator Casey to run in the 2006 election cycle?

Back in the 1970's, the Democratic party was hijacked by an elite who imposed a litmus test to support abortion on those seeking office. No abortion support, no funds from the national party. This led to many previously pro life Democrats (including Al Gore and Bill Clinton) to change their opinions.

Why not? The dirty little secret is that in the turmoil after Vatican II, when the church's stance on sexual purity and against abortion was under siege, there was essentially no way for pro life Catholics (who often were working class Roosevelt Democrats) to have a say in the party. Without anyone opposing the pro abortion groups, the Democratic party caved into their demands.

Given the choice between losing money for their campaigns from the pro abortion party or being fully accepted, they chose the expedient way.

To paraphrase Henry IV: A throne is worth a few dead babies.

So politicians who support abortion are saying: The pregnancy is not a real child, so it doesn’t matter. Well, maybe that little blob of tissue does matter to a God who says he knows us before we are knit together in our mother’s womb, but fighting for "justice" is more important than this small life.

Like Caiaphas, expediency came first: "one man to die for the people , that the whole nation perish not." Or in this case, it is better for an unwanted pregnancy/a small baby to die so that we can win elections.

There may be real reasons for a woman to seek an abortion, but like all killing, it does matter to God. Indeed, God might consider that child more important than balancing the budget or getting elected: what ever you do for my little ones you do it to me.

That is why one shudders when pro abortion politicians receive communion in public.

Don't they think that God is real? Don't they believe that receiving communion is asking God to enter into your life, and that to ask God to guide your life while you support killing his little ones is a blasphemy if you really believe?

So I suspect the politicians don't really take God seriously.

The Mass and Holy Communion is not a real thing where we stand in awe in front of the deity who made the earth and who came to teach us how to live. It’s a celebration of me, me, me. I want to be happy, so how dare you stop me from showing off.

All of this of course will be ignored by the press and most of those at the Mass.

But I suspect Benedict will pray for their souls.

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